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There are conflicting opinions about spitting in the BDSM community. The second name of this technique is «silver rain.» When the Mistress spits on the body and face, in the submissive's mouth, she «pours a silver rain.» And I call spitting in your mouth «The Dominatrix Kiss.» ☔️

Spitting leads to the same humiliation as the «golden rain.» There are legends about golden rain, but the community the «silver rain» in secret.🤫

Spitting is not so discussed on the BDSM forums like whips, but the impact of «silver rain» on the sub is unique. 🤯

I confess that I used to have less courage and willingness to experiment. I learned about the Spitting before I became the Mistress, and reacted with rejection. I considered «fun» with saliva offensive for both submissive and Mistress.🙅🏼‍♀️

Later, I realized that I should blame uncultured people who spat on the street in front of everyone for this. I still hate street-spitting, ew 🥵

But the true «Dominatrix Kiss» is very sexy.

Later, I replaced displeasure about the spiting by interest and the desire to try. And I got a taste, especially when the subs began, with tears in their eyes, to beg me to spit on them. Now almost every slave asks me to spit in his mouth 🥺🔥

How to protect yourself👑

Spitting is the same dangerous as the kissing on the lips. Diseases that enter the body with the help of saliva will also find you with a «vanilla» kiss.

It is curious that spitting causes prejudice, even among those who have never tried.😉

Some people even in their thoughts cannot admit that their partner will spit on their body or face. Of course, I do this like a queen. I get my partner in dirty words, tease his face, before rewarding him with  «The Dominatrix Kiss.»

In a society, spitting is disgusting, and kissing is pleasant. Strange? Yes😁

Leave an emoji if you think so🤪

How do you feel about spitting? Have you tried? If yes, in which role? I am interested in everything, do not hesitate!🔥


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