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Women like cats love when people hug and pet them. Latex fits the whole body, merging with every millimeter of skin. If you consider that my entire body is one big erogenous zone, it is clear why every movement in a latex suit is fantastic.✨

When I put on an erotic costume (especially catsuit), it already looks like a prelude to a hot session. After taking a shower and applying a special glove and slippery moisturizer all over my body, I let it soak. Then I lubricate my feet with an intimate water-based lubricant.

I stroke myself with gentle movements, lubricating every inch. Then I slip into the catsuit's trouser legs and zip up my ankles. At first, the natural material seems cool but takes on body temperature. I brush my hands from shoulder to shoulder and put on my sleeves, fastening the zipper on my wrists. The suit for domination stretches over the back, buttocks, legs, and arms. Now you need to fix the zipper in front. Oh, how my legs like latex leggings! 💖 they are so thin and you can see every muscle playing and vibrating.

Next comes the turn of the shoes - without these accessories, the picture will not be complete. Best suited shoes on the platform and high heels. The most exciting part of the outfit is a latex mask.

I prefer a mask with slits for the eyes and an open bottom of the face. For the submissive, there is also a job - it will help tighten the thick rubber corset on the back. That's it, I'm ready! 🙀

When I approach the mirror, I do not believe my reflection - it does not reflect me! A slender black shiny figure with perfect forms is like a cat. Or an alien seductress or the temptation of hell, but not an ordinary girl. Alien from the planet Venus.  Everything feels to be on distance like I’m watching another person acting. Well, since she is not me, then I am not responsible for her actions :) And what is this for a male near? On the knees! Try to cope with me now! Here it is - true erotic and subspace BDSM domination! 👑

Femdom Geneva Mistress Paris
Femdom Geneva Femdom Paris

+41779270021 - me@princessevenus.com - ROND-POINT DE RIVE, 1204 GENEVA, SWITZERLAND

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